CPIT Campus Proposal

Location: Christchurch

Year: 2014

Sector: Education

Scale: 1 hectare

Status: Pre-design Report Proposal Completed




The following principles presented in the Pre-design Report guide the future design and development:
– ADAPTIVE: Allowing for flexibility as the design /requirements may change over time and that spaces will be used in different ways at different times.
– NURTURING: Creating an environment that works on the human level to be friendly, inviting as well as harmonious, attractive and sustainable for our environment.
– VITAL: Celebrate the campus’s vital role in the city, the vitality that learning, innovation and discovery provide in its students and the community.

In addition to these principles, there are process characteristics that will provide a successful long term result for CPIT:
– FIT FOR PURPOSE: All aspects are explicit in their intent and well tested before implementation
– ACHIEVABLE: That all aspects of the design are achievable in terms of time and cost
– STRONG IDENTITY: That the campus establishes a strong identity with its students and within its community and this serves CPIT in a number of ways.


As part of a rigorous site planning approach different space types are identified. These are assigned to different areas as appropriate and the requirements set out so they contribute to later design decisions.


Site planning

Creating a strong landscape identity will be central to the success of the campus.Emphasis needs to be placed on a clear visual communication. Earthwork has chosen a theme definition of TRANSFORM as a starting point for the long term identity of the campus site. This has obvious physical links to the transformation of the site, the learning and discovery process of education and more broadly to the personal discovery of students, the community and the city’s journey of change.



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