Landscape of Education


Project type: Research

Year: 2009

Status: Ongoing



Exterior spaces in schools provide excellent learning opportunities. In fact, the whole of a school site (and beyond) can be seen as an education opportunity where internal and external spaces are integrated. Dr. Kenn Fisher has completed a study called “Linking Pedagogy and Space” which presents different learning situations and how internal spaces and facilities may be specifically tailored to suit these. Dr. Kenn Fisher’s Internal Learning Space Types are defined as: Delivery, Applying, Creation, Communication and Decision Making.

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The Landscape of Education presents a summary of that work as it might apply to exterior spaces and then continues to look at further exterior education opportunities within school sites and characterises these into types. Our adaptation of his internal learning space types are:Delivery, Feedback, Creation and Communication.
Our External Space Types are defined as: Learning Space Types (Delivery Space, Feedback Space, Creation Space, Communication Space); Play Space Types (Structured Passive, Structured Active, Open Active); Social Space Types (Information, Gathering, Identity); Natural Space Types (Biodiversity, Natural Activity, Sustainable Solutions).


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