Meet the Team

Matt Lester


Matt is the director of Earthwork.  His experience includes landscape planning and assessment, site planning and design, and project implementation. Matt’s professional strengths are site planning, creating individual design responses and professional communication. Matt is a clear communicator and this combined with his project management experience has meant extensive involvement in design teams, public consultation and leadership in multi-disciplinary projects.

Angie Brown

Senior Landscape Architect

Angie has over 10 years experience as a Landscape Architect practicing in both Australia and New Zealand. Angie has had extensive experience in both the public and private realm, including town centre revitalisation, civic space design, subdivision, urban infill/revitalisation and residential projects.  Angie has worked on numerous broad scale structure planning projects including both Greenfields and Brownfields projects.

Olly Chan

Landscape Architect

Olly joined Earthwork in 2015 after completing a Masters in Landscape Architecture at Victoria University of Wellington. Olly has experience on projects in the public realm as well as private residential work, where he has been involved from the assessment stage through to project delivery. Olly has a high level of CAD drafting skills as well as excellent computer modelling capability.

Sylvia Robinson

Landscape Architect

Sylvia joined the team early 2019 after graduating Lincoln University. Sylvia completed Major Design in her final year which explored the relationship that exists between tourism, the natural environment and the local culture of a rural West Coast town. A large focus of the project was on protecting and enhancing the identity of place.

Steve Andrews

Practice Administrator

Steve has a background in accounting and also a diploma in graphic design. He provides administrative support to the team.


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